‘Majestic’ the first song from YOUR VERY PRIVATE LIVE SESSION in Virtual Reality / 360° sound and image, by Veemus
with ELECTRO DELUXE feat Electro Deluxe Big Band, DJ GREEM and Rashaan Ahmad !
An immersiv live session ONLY for you, as if you were here with them! Check their new album ‘Circle’ to come the 30th of september 16!
(For the best experience, use headphones and watch on Android smartphone/tablet or use browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera).

A VR-Music experience by Veemus

A Veemus & Stardown co-production

Filmed at Studios Ferber (Paris),
Management: Jean-Christophe Le Guennan

Electro Deluxe:

Thomas FAURE: saxophones, Big Band arrangements
Arnaud Renaville : drums
Jérémie Coke : bass
Gaël Cadoux : keyboards
James Copley : lead vocals

Backing vocals: Crystal Night, Tanya Michelle, Loïca Künstlich

Electro Deluxe Big Band:

Christophe Panzani: baritone saxophone
Christophe Allemand: tenor saxophone
Pierre Desassis: alto saxophone
David Fettman: alto saxophone
Martin Berlugue: trombone
Bertrand Luzignant: trombone
Cyril Dubilé: trombone
Jérôme Berthelot: bass trombone
Vincent Payen: trumpet
Mathieu Haage: trumpet
Alexis Bourguignon: trumpet
Olivier Bridot : trumpet

Special Guests:

DJ GREEM: turntables
Rashaan Ahmad: rap

Director: Nicolas Derosier & Hedi Dechicha
Video editing: Hedi Dechicha & Fabrice Pathier
Director of photography: Nicolas Gontcha
Lights technician: Joachim Imbard
Cameraman: Gabriel Saujet
Recorded by: Vincent De Bast & Valerian Langlais
Assistants: Guillaume Dujardin & Mathieu Lefèvre
Mixed by: Sami Bouvet & Valerian Langlais
Stagehands : Kévin Mesme, Arnaud Coutel, Cédric Lechoux, Max Doyen, Fleur Bruère, Julia Orcet

Design Veemus : Aurélien Richard

Thanks to:
Sennheiser, Studio Ferber, HACHEAIR PRODUCTION, Fabrice Chantôme, Samir Papito

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